The core essence for all of our revolutionary products is BeBetter Foam™, a proprietary MDI based formula for making elastomeric, microcellular, non-toxic, open cell foam made from renewable resources that:

  1. Are not harmful to the environment
  2. Have exceptional strength
  3. Safe to manufacture
  4. Are completely manufactured by AIRTech in California
  5. Ability to develop custom properties


The result:

  1. Unique, environmentally-responsible foam products
  2. Technically unique formulations able to be infused with various products
  3. Non-toxic and non-flammable
  4. High oil absorption rate vs. the competition
  5. Customizable to meet the needs of clients in multiple industries
  6. Simple to manufacture
  7. Reusable (lasts longer than other foams)


BeBetter Foam™ and Foam Product technology are unrivaled in the absorbents industry. There are no harmful VOCs, no HCFCs, no CFCs, and no TDI based chemicals. The foam is inert to the environment with a neutral ph. BeBetter Foam™ Pads absorb and retain oil better than any other pad, allowing users to reclaim and reuse absorbed materials. Properties:

  • No raw petroleum on either the A Side or B Side
  • A Side is a unique MDI prepolymer
  • B Side is a polyol composed of renewable resources
  • Final product is absolutely inert to the environment, and non-toxic
  • Neutral ph
  • Hydrophobic – does not absorb water
  • Oleophilic – absorbs oil based materials
  • No harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • No manufacturing environmental concerns