Revolutionary Pura Clean Household Cleaning Product Now Available in Select Target Stores


Revolutionary Pura Clean Household Cleaning Product Now Available in Select Target Stores
Pura Naturals has expanded distribution with products now available in Target Stores

Lake Forest, California – December, 2016

Pura Naturals (OTC Markets: PNAT), the manufacturer of revolutionary foam cleaning products for the home is expanding product availability with distribution in select Target stores within the United States. The company, which prides itself on its patented foam technology that absorbs grease and grime like a magnet without harsh chemicals and harboring of bacteria found within traditional household cleaning products and sponges, is set to make its household cleaning products available to more homes.

"We are thrilled to partner with Target and make our products more easily available to households and bring better cleaning solutions to everyone,” says CEO of Pura Naturals, Bob Doherty.

Pura Naturals has been developing a household cleaning product that absorbs grease and grime while delivering unique soap infusion without harmful chemicals or the bacteria buildup common with typical household sponge products. Pura Naturals is a subsidiary of AirTech whose foam technology was developed in response to the gulf oil spill. The revolutionary foam absorbs grease while repelling water and inhibiting bacteria growth and odors. The earth conscious company prides itself on its plant-based products made from renewable resources with no petroleum by-products.

To learn more about Pura Naturals cleaning products, expansion plans, or to book an interview, contact Robert Doherty at 949-273-8100, or email, or visit the website at

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