Pura Naturals Releases Statement Regarding Planned Growth


Pura Naturals Releases Statement Regarding Planned Growth
Pura Naturals has been in a transitional phase and is now aligned to meet the demands of today's connected consumer

Lake Forest, California – May 24, 2017

At Pura Naturals Inc., we have listened to our investors and are making several changes to improve financial performance and position the Pura brand among the leading competitors in our industry. Over the first two quarters of this year, we have taken steps to (1) re-focus to a Direct-to-Consumer model, 2) significantly transition our marketing and branding efforts to digital media, (3) address working capital deficiencies, and (4) augment our leadership team with proven sales and marketing strategists.

Re-Focus on a Direct-to-Consumer Model

First, we are creating a marketing and sales distribution model that fits the modern, connected consumer. In the past, we thought simply acquiring shelf space at several high volume retail stores would sell our products. However, this strategy has proved insufficient to reach our sales and revenue goals. Without substantial and sustained digital brand and marketing campaigns, we are unlikely to meet our sales and revenue goals.

Derek Duhame, the new President of Pura Naturals, commented "Moving forward, Pura will be more aligned with and dedicated to relevant and impactful marketing and sales strategies. The changes that have taken place over the last two quarters and those planned for this quarter involve tactics and strategies to engage consumers, build brand awareness, increase sales and profitability, and improve financial performance for our investors."

We have reevaluated our distribution channels while examining and preparing for a more effective and efficient strategic model to grow sales and increase shareholder value. Following this strategy, we will integrate a direct to consumer model into our existing distribution channels that will incorporate digital marketing and media to promote our products directly to the customers most likely to buy them. To this end, we have separated and defined our products by product line for better market segmentation. In addition, we are rebranding several products in our Home and Health & Beauty lines to highlight the specific benefits they provide. Furthermore, to build our brand, we have engaged several strategic marketing partners with proven expertise in creating brand awareness, product positioning and consumer engagement strategies and tactics. We think the foregoing strategies will increase overall sales, build our brand awareness, increase our profit margins, and earnings per share.

E-Commerce and Digital Marketing

Second, following our new focus on the Direct-to-Consumer model, we have launched or will be launching three new websites that enable consumers to directly purchase our innovative and eco-friendly products online.

On April 25, we launched a new e-commerce website for our popular Pura Marine products. During recent tradeshows, our Pura Marine products generated significant interest in both the recreational watercraft and the industrial oil transportation industries. We were pleased to receive several new commercial orders for our marine products following the tradeshows and website launch.

Following this model, we plan to launch two more e-commerce sites in June. We will market and sell our newly-rebranded "Pura Clean" Total Home cleaning products through the new "Pura Clean Club" ecommerce website, and sell our Health & Beauty products through "PuraCleanse Club." Our PuraCleanse Club website will introduce two brand new results-focused products: the new "PuraCleanse 3-in-1 Body Bars" and "PuraCleanse 3-in-1 Facial System".

All of our new e-commerce sites will incorporate modern digital and social media marketing strategies, including Facebook advertising campaigns. We believe these bold initiatives will increase our brand awareness, profitability, and sales revenues.

Working Capital

Third, to address our working capital needs as we implement the foregoing strategies, we have identified several potential significant sources of capital and funding partners. We believe that access to more capital will assist us to implement the e-commerce model and increase revenues through targeted digital media marketing campaigns.

Management Team

Finally, we have re-structured our management team, adding executive talent that we believe will help us meet our sales and profitability goals. During the first quarter 2017, we hired Derek Duhame, an experienced executive with a proven record of generating product sales and increasing profitability, as our President. Mr. Duhame has helped create our new marketing vision and will lead its implementation. We also hired Daniel Kryger as our Vice President of Business Development.

Chairman Robert Doherty has also named both Daniel Kryger and Derek Duhame to our Board of Directors.

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Robert Doherty, Chief Executive Officer

About Pura Naturals

Pura Naturals has a household cleaning product that absorbs grease and grime while delivering unique soap infusion without harmful chemicals or the bacteria buildup common with typical sponge products. Pura Naturals’ foam technology was developed in response to the gulf oil spill. The revolutionary foam absorbs grease while repelling water and inhibiting bacteria growth and odors. The earth conscious company prides itself on its plant-based products made from renewable resources with no petroleum by-products. Further information can be found at www.puranaturalsproducts.com

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